FAQs About Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions About Middle School:

How will I keep track of my students grades in their middle school courses?
    Parent Portal will be available for parent access.  It takes you directly to each teacher's grade book so you can see current grades, missing assignments and even upcoming assessments or projects.

Who will be teaching the middle school content?
    Currently, we have four 6th/7th grade teachers who have received their designation to be highly qualified in the area of Language Arts and Social Studies, Math and Science.  We feel lucky to have teachers who have specific designations and expertise, but also the experience of teaching all subject areas as well. We will be adding 8th grade teachers at the end of this year.  All teachers will be qualified to teach reading and will be trained in expeditionary learning.

What are your enrollment numbers?
    We will cap enrollment at 90 students per grade level.  We will operate on numbers between 45-90 at each grade level and the numbers will affect scheduling needs and faculty needs. 

What exploratories will you offer?
    Students will rotate through exploratories so they can get a taste of everything and leave Bradford with a perse exposure.  We will have a 21st Century Skills exploratory focused on the skills kids need to be successful in our technological world and in their future career possibilities.  We will rotate through a Cultures exploratory focused on languages and connection to cultures throughout our world.  Art will offer exploratories in areas like drawing, painting, sculpture/3D art, photography, etc.  PE will be required for all students including team sports and fitness. Music will offer band and orchestra classes, if enrollment allows, and offer classes in choir and drama if possible, based upon enrollment.

Why is science/social studies a looping class?
    We are connecting our expeditions directly with science and social studies curriculum, so students will actually spend more time immersed in those subject areas.  The subjects will rotate depending on the current expedition and therefore offer a deeper look into the topic areas.

Will 6th grade still attend Outdoor Lab?
    Yes.  For one week, 6th grade students will still attend Windy Peak or Mt. Evans.  We are also working on adding a 7th grade (and eventually an 8th grade) week long, off site, leadership academy and outdoor experience to coincide with Outdoor Lab.

Where will kids keep materials?
    Students will still have backpack/materials area in all the classrooms.  Their backpacks will be stored in homerooms and be available for access during passing periods so students can rotate out materials for classes.

Will you have school dances?
    Modern times have adapted those "dances" we all remember into socials.  Socials do have the DJs and dancing, but incorporate carnival type games and activities as well.  We will have two to three of these each year for only middle school students to attend.

How do you address the social and teen concerns and issues?
    Our morning crew time is designed as a time for a small group of students to connect VERY closely with one teacher and one group of peers.  We spend a great deal of time learning about each other and finding trusted peers and trusted adults to turn to in times of need in crew time.  Also, during crew time we focus on character development and social skills that will help students throughout their lives.

How will continuation ceremonies look different with 7th and 8th grade added?
   We will have a more formal continuation at the end of 8th grade.

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