Grades 6/7 Parent and Student Handbook


Bradford K-8 Grades 6/7 Parent and Student Handbook

Welcome to Bradford Grades 6/7!  We believe a teacher/parent/student partnership is the key to success for students at Bradford.   As teachers, we work with students to promote both their academic success and social/emotional well-being. To accomplish this we will use the ten Expeditionary Learning (EL) principles. It is our belief that these ten principles will prepare your child to be successful for high school and beyond.

  • The Primacy of Self-Discovery

  • The Having of Wonderful Ideas

  • The Responsibility for Learning

  • Empathy and Caring

  • Success and Failure

  • Collaboration and Competition

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • The Natural World

  • Solitude and Reflection

  • Service and Compassion

The Bradford Grades 6/7 teachers have created this handbook for you to refer to during the school year.  Included are our policies and procedures so you can be an integral part of “the team.”  Thank you for joining us in this partnership and we look forward to a positive and successful school year.

Table of Contents


Page Number

Home/School Partnership


How to Access Teacher Websites/Schoology/Infinite Campus and Parent Portal


Grading Policy/Zero Papers


Academic Integrity


Technology Expectations


Class Information


Crew Time


Instructors and Class Overviews


Daily Supplies


How to Be Classroom Ready


Miscellaneous Information


Home/School Partnership

As a team of teachers, we follow four of the EL principles above in a successful home/school partnership:  Responsibility for Learning, Empathy and Caring, Success and Failure, Solitude and Reflection.  We assist the students with new learnings and offer scaffolds to help them become more independent and self-sufficient.   

We work with students and offer them scaffolds for managing classwork, homework, and technology.  It is important for our students to continue to work toward increased responsibility as the workload becomes more challenging.  We strive to achieve a large measure of independent, self-managed behavior in our students that will serve them well in their high school years and beyond.  

As a home/school partnership, we hope that you can be a part of the team of support that helps guide your child through a successful middle school experience.  The school scaffolds below are only half of the picture.  In order for students to be successful, it is essential that parents understand their role in their student’s education.  Below is the list of scaffolds that we use at school and a list of things parents and students can do at home.  

School Scaffolds
This is what we do at school

Home Scaffolds
Here are some things you can do at home

  • Teach students to use classroom technology tools (school website, teacher websites, Schoology, Google Classroom, Google Calendar, Kahn Academy, Infinite Campus)

  • Keep updated class calendars and web pages with assignments and deadlines

  • Follow a team-wide late work policy

  • Update grades and assignments on Parent Portal/Infinite Campus frequently

  • Daily verbal and visual reminders of homework and assignment deadlines

  • Time for students to record in Google Calendars daily assignments

  • Crew meetings with students Monday through Thursday

  • Teacher availability for extra support when needed

  • Contact parents when necessary

  • Help students manage their Google Drive folders

  • Verbal/visual reminders to stay on task

  • Daily check for understanding with students

  • Give constructive feedback through the use of rubrics for large assignments

  • Design and plan expeditionary learning opportunities that develop the 10 EL principles

  • Connect with each student to ensure a safe and successful learning environment

  • Make sure your student is classroom ready (getting enough sleep, eating breakfast, prepared for class daily with materials etc.)

  • Ensure that students know how to log on to their School Google Account (attachments, calendars etc. will not be viewable unless the student is logged into their jeffco schools Google account)

  • Review classroom guidelines and expectations

  • Bookmark each teacher's website, Schoology, Kahn Academy etc.

  • Play around with the technology to get familiar with it as a parent

  • Encourage students to email teachers when they need assistance.  Teachers will try to get back to students within 24 hours during the school week...or during the next class period

  • Hold your student accountable at home for their educational performance

  • Check student Google Calendars and help students plan ahead for busy weeks and long-term assignments

  • Help students stay organized

  • View class calendars and websites with your student

  • Check in with students regarding grades, assignments and needed materials   

  • Help your student develop a plan for printing assignments, preferably at home             

How to Access Teacher Websites/Schoology/Parent Portal

Teacher websites, Schoology and Parent Portal, are important resources for 6/7 students as this is where teachers upload assignments, record classroom learning goals and due dates on calendars, and make important announcements to students regarding upcoming events.  Students who use their teacher’s websites and/or Schoology daily are more likely to be successful during their middle school years.  Teachers will work with students so they can learn how to access the various forms of technology used in classes.

Teacher Websites:  Please follow the directions below to learn how to access your teacher’s websites:

  • Log into your internet browser.  (We recommend Google Chrome if you want to be able to view the teacher’s Google Calendars).

  • Go to the Bradford K-8 homepage

  • Click on the classroom websites tab

  • Select the Middle School tab

  • From Middle School page you can access the team calendar and individual teacher websites

(You may want to bookmark the Bradford K-8 home page for future use, as Bradford K-8 uses this as a key communication tool.)

Note: Each teacher has their own, unique way of communicating with students within their website. It is important that you learn where each teacher places information with their website.  Therefore, it is important that students learn to use each teacher’s site and where to find classroom resources.  

Schoology and Google Classroom:  Your student will be trained in the classroom to access/use Schoology and Google Classroom in and out of the classroom. If you would like to see what this looks like ask your student to show you.  Both Schoology and Google are accessible from your home computer or any device with internet access.

Infinite Campus / Parent Portal:  Infinite Campus is the online gradebook that parents and students should use to monitor the student’s progress as well as other information.  Please look at the linked document to find out all of the ways Infinite Campus/Parent Portal can help your student be successful as well as basics on how to navigate this tool.

Using the gradebook

Grading Policy/Zero Papers

Student success requires that classwork and homework must be completed by the assigned deadline (due date).  Assignments are due when the bell rings at the beginning of class.  This means that if an assignment needs to be printed, it should be printed at home (preferred) or printed before the school day begins.  Assignments turned in after class starts will be considered late. Students should plan ahead to avoid printing issues.

If a student does not complete the assigned work he/she will turn in a Zero Paper.  When students turn in a Zero Paper it is a visual and tactile reminder to the student that he/she didn’t get the assignment turned in when it was collected (either in class or online). Zero Papers will be returned to the student when the assignment is returned after grading.

Late work:

  • Will be accepted for a partial grade within two days of the deadline (75% of the student’s total score on the assignment).  

  • Any work not turned in by the deadline will be recorded as Missing in the gradebook and the score will be calculated as a zero.

  • If a student turns in work three or more days past the deadline, the Missing will be changed to a zero in the gradebook.

Make up work:

  • Follows the district policy of two days for make up for every day a student misses school.  

  • It is the student’s responsibility to look at the teacher calendars and meet with the teachers upon return to school in order to get the make up work.  

  • Make up work not turned in within the district required days will be counted late and/or missing based on the team late work policy.

  • If a student is absent on a day that an assignment is due, the assignment is due the day they return.

Grading Scale:



























Academic Integrity

At Bradford K-8 academic integrity is important.  Sometimes students aren’t sure when the line has been crossed between plagiarism or cheating and authentic work products, especially when technology is involved. We will work with students during the year on ways to maintain the level of integrity expected of Bradford students. At home, you could also help your student with academic integrity and, hopefully, the line will get less blurry.

Some of the topics we will discuss and teach students include:

  • Turning in any work that is not the student’s own work

  • Using electronic devices to look up, photograph, record or text information when it is not allowed

  • Copying another student’s or author’s work or class assignment

  • Allowing another student to copy your work or your assignment

  • Putting your name on another student’s paper/project/work

  • Using a “cheat sheet” or any unauthorized piece of writing on a quiz/test

  • Giving another student help on an individual quiz/test

  • Using any material from the internet without proper citation and appropriate credit, this includes copying and pasting materials from the Internet to your own work

Technology Expectations

Technology is an important part of 21st Century education.  Because electronic devices will be used for academic purposes, it is important for students to follow the Bradford Technology Contract.  Throughout the year, we work with students on appropriate device use and when it’s time to put electronics away.  It would be helpful if you would review this policy with your student as well. Contact the Digital Teacher Librarian at Bradford North with questions.

Class Information

Students at Bradford Middle School will have four core classes; math, writing, science/social studies, and an access/reading class (advisement) and two exploratory classes. The science/social studies classes will rotate every 6-8 weeks, dependent on the Expedition students are conducting in the class.  This allows for a deeper understanding of the content and possible field study opportunities.  The access/reading class will be a year long class.  During this class students will work to develop study skills, organization techniques, and be instructed in reading strategies to support their learning in science/social studies.  Though there may be some opportunities to complete homework in this class, THIS IS NOT SOLELY A “HOMEWORK/STUDY HALL CLASS”.  All core classes and exploratories are graded.

Crew Time

Crew time provides each student a one-to-one relationship with an adult adviser (crew leader) at the school, as well as a consistent and ongoing small-scale peer community. Crew leaders monitor and support student progress, serve as the student’s advocate in difficult academic and social situations, and act as the primary contact point between parents and the school for administrative business. Student administrative business is generally accomplished during crew meetings under the guidance of the crew leader (i.e. permission slips).  Crew meetings are frequently used for team-building exercises and for group discussions on  topical issues. These exercises and discussions help establish crew identity and a positive school culture.


Academic Subject

Room #

Contact Information

Melissa Gonring



Alisha Lindsey

Social Studies/Access


Tonia Marino



Sean Stevinson



This year in writing we will…

  • hone our writing skills with narrative, informational, and argument writing units

  • complete interdisciplinary learning activities with science and social studies

  • learn and practice complex convention skills

  • practice our group skills through guided collaborative work

This year in science we will…

  • use the scientific method, setting up labs, collecting data, interpreting data and observations and basing conclusions on evidence collected.

  • study: cells and organisms, energy transfer in living things, mixtures and substances, adaptations of life over time, earth systems and geological events through time and health and decision making.

  • complete interdisciplinary learning activities

This year in social studies we will…

  • study the world and its people, focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere

  • learn many concepts of Geography, History, Civics, and Economics

  • pay attention to world news and discuss various topics in school as well as at home

  • complete interdisciplinary learning activities

This year in math we will…

  • develop an understanding of rational and irrational numbers

  • model expressions and linear relationships

  • study geometry

  • model proportional relationships

  • write and solve equations and inequalities

  • study probabilities and statistics

  • engage in problem solving activities

Supplies you will need in class EVERY DAY…

  • iPad

  • binders

  • notebook paper

  • supply bag with pens, pencils, highlighters

  • homework folder

  • 4 1" 3-ring Binders with dividers

  • college-ruled paper

  • 1 composition book

  • 1 set earbud headphones

Supplies to bring at the beginning of the year for class use...
  • 4 glue sticks

  • 1 box kleenex

  • 2 packages of 4 sticky notes; 3" by 3"

  • 1 box pint size Ziploc bags

  • 1 pack dry erase markers

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 7 pocket folders

  • 1 24 count colored pencils

How to be classroom ready...

  • come to class on time with supplies and be prepared to learn

  • treat others with respect and courtesy

  • stay on task and complete work

  • turn work in on time

  • contribute to class discussions

  • work with assigned classroom partner to solve problems

  • follow procedures

  • respect other student’s thinking


  • No snacks allowed in classrooms.

  • Snacks can be eaten in the hallways before school or during passing periods.

  • Water bottles are permitted in classrooms (filled only with water).

  • Birthdays:

    • Birthday treats are not necessary

    • During Crew Time, student birthdays will be celebrated with kindness notes

  • Student phones should be off and out of sight throughout the school day.

  • No devices are allowed at recess/lunch time.

  • We encourage students to keep all valuable items at home.

  • School information will come home in the students' Homework Folders. There will not be "Friday Folders" for middle school students.

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