Garden Planners

Garden Planners
Posted on 05/24/2017
Third Grade Garden

Most of this year, 3rd grade has been responding to a school problem. A garden, originally started by 3rd grade and later cared for by Paula Shanley, has not had a caretaker in recent years. Due to it’s location between the building and the playground it has also suffered from many students running through it. After Mr. Lewis presented this problem to the 3rd grade, they took ownership for working on a solution. With teacher guidance, they researched fence materials and presented the case to PTA. They eventually constructed a fence around one part of the garden, with generous help from Mr. Lewis, Mr. Rodell, Ms. Berg, Mr. Brudenell and Mr. Borchelt, . Along the way, they made choices together, such as which fence material to use and what color to paint the cinder blocks chosen for construction. According to 3rd grader, Peyton Olsen, students learned to be “open to new ideas” and “that everyone was a leader.” Each 3rd grader had a chance to participate in either digging, painting, or constructing. The process and new learning connected to 3rd grade curriculum around “Changing Earth” and “Life Cycles.” They were also able to act as specialists in presenting to a group of 2nd graders about how the garden should be treated. When students Abby Riead and Peyton Olson answered what they learned, among a great list, they concluded “we needed to make a wrong into a right” and “that we could take one tiny step to make the world a better place.”

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